Earn Money with Ease: 22 Best Online Reselling Apps in India in 2024 

There are various ways through which you can earn money online with the help of your smartphone and laptop. Online Reselling is one of the methods to make extra income and also getting rid of old useless products at your home. The online reselling market has seen immense growth in India in the last few years.

The best part about online reselling is that you don’t have to find any marketplace and can sell your old household products online using different websites or applications. In the following listicle, we will talk about 20 such online reselling apps in India in 2024.

Who is a Reseller?
A reseller can either be a company or individual that sells new or used goods and services to make profits. A reseller also acts as an intermediary between the companies and the customers and its key role is to fulfill the order.

What are the Online Reselling Apps?
The reselling apps are the online marketplaces where the users and companies can sell their goods or services online and connect with the other users and customers. The buyers and sellers can negotiate and decide the final price of the product which is accepted by both parties. In these apps, you can also act as an intermediate between the sellers and the buyers and can earn commission on every sale.

20 Online Reselling Apps in India
There are many online reselling apps in India as of 2024. However, it wouldn’t be easy to decide which app is best for you due to several online frauds and scams. So here we introduce you to the 20 best Online Reselling apps to earn Money in India in 2024.

  1. Glowroad by Amazon
    Glowroad Online Reselling App in India
    Glowroad is an E-commerce platform which is now owned by Amazon.com, one of the most popular online shopping apps in India. Glowroad is the best platform for you to start your online business and connect with the manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors directly. It is one of the leading Online reselling apps in India where you can find over 1 Lakh products with more than 100 plus categories. To earn money through Glowroad, you just have to share the link of the products on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform and set the price of the product by adding your profit margin. The customers will never get to know the original price of the product and you earn profit after selling the product.

Features of Glowroad App:
High Quality products at lowest prices.
On-time payment
Free Delivery
100% return policy
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  1. Meesho
    Meesho Reselling App in India
    Meesho is another E-commerce platform where you can earn money by reselling the products. It is a great platform for small businesses and individuals to set up their online store and start making profits. To start reselling in Meesho, you have to share the link and photos of the products on your social media and personally to friends and family. If someone shows interest in buying the product, you have to order it on their behalf from the app. Once the purchase is complete, the customer will get the products within a few days and you will earn the profit as a reseller.

Features of Meesho:
High Quality products at lowest prices
Free delivery/ Free Shipping
Cash on Delivery (COD) available
100% Safe and Timely payments.

  1. Amazon Seller
    Amazon Seller
    One of India’s most trusted and prominent online reselling apps. Amazon is one of the largest online shopping platforms in India and also provides the facility to resale and earn. Amazon Seller provides you with the easy reselling process with no trouble and you can attract buyers from all over the world. The app is available in eight different languages: Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam and Bengali which makes it easier to use all over the country. The platform deals in different categories such as Apparel, electronics, home appliances, video games, books and more.

Features of Amazon Seller:
Available in eight different languages: Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam and Bengali.
Can analyze your sales.rummy deity
Can easily update your prices and available prices.
Can upload quality product photos using the Photo Studio.
Can search for new products with visual image match, text search or scanning bar codes.

  1. Mercari
    Mercari Reselling App in India
    Mercari is a Japan-based E-commerce company that was first launched in the USA in 2014. It is one of the leading online reselling apps in India in 2024 you can buy and sell products of different varieties. Mercari is also a great platform for the artists and creative people as it actively supports the handicrafts industry as well, and you can sell your handmade products or designs here. To sell products through Mercari, you need to upload a photo of the product and define it with the reasonable price. After the product is successfully sold, you will earn money.

Features of Mercari:
Find all big brands and thrift stores in one platform.
Nationwide shipping and delivery
Sell, securely with ratings, reviews and seller protection.
Every purchase is protected.
Flexible pricing.
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  1. OLX
    OLX best reselling app in India
    OLX is the cheapest and one of the best online reselling apps in India, where you can buy or sell used products from any part of the country. This app is basically for reselling the old products which are of no use for you now, and someone, who needs the same product at a lower price can buy it from you. OLX also comes with the in-app chat feature where the buyer and seller can directly contact each other and negotiate the price accordingly. Through this app, you can buy or sell any product from a wooden almirah to a big SUV.

Features of OLX:
In-app chat feature for buyers and sellers to directly contact each other.
Can easily manage and edit your ads after uploading.
Get personalized alerts and recommendations based on your interests.
Can negotiate the prices by chatting directly with the buyer or seller.
Can deal in different categories: Mobile phones, vehicles, electronics, real estate, fashion, and more.

  1. Quikr
    Quikr Reselling App in India
    Quikr has been one of the leading marketplace for second-hand and used products in the last few years and is among the best online reselling apps in India. You can buy and sell used products in Quikr at an affordable and reasonable price and enjoy the Pick-up and Drop-off service. Apart from that, you can also find part-time or full time jobs through and look for properties on this platform. In Quikr, your information will be secure and not shared with the third party.

Features of Quikr:
One stop platform for finding jobs, properties, and home services along with buying and selling of used products.
Direct call feature to connect you directly with the buyer or seller.
Pick-up and drop-off services.

  1. EarnKaro
    Earn Karo Reselling App
    EarnKaro is an online affiliate marketing platform and one of the online reselling apps in India in 2024. In this app, you can sign up for free and partner with more than 150 brands including Myntra, Flipkart, Ajio, Mamaearth, Wow, and many more. This app has been funded by none other than Mr. Ratan Tata which answers all the questions related to its credibility and trustworthiness. To earn money through EarnKaro, you just have to share the link of the profit deals in your social media and with your family and friends. After that you will earn money for every order that is made through your given link.

Features of EarnKaro:
Perfect platform to earn extra income from your smartphone with the help of internet.
Partnered with 150+ shopping sites including Ajio, Myntra, Flipkart, Tata CliQ, Tata 1MG & more.
Homemakers, students, and even entrepreneurs can use this app to earn extra money.
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  1. Shop 101
    Shop 101 Reselling App in India
    It is one of the best and free online reselling apps in India. In Shop 101, you can shop for products in different ranges such as clothing, electronics, furniture and more. You can start your dropshipping journey through Shop 101 and start earning products online. As a reseller, you can enjoy the benefits of easy returns, wholesale pricing and zero investment and promote your products on different social media platforms to attract the customers.

Features of Shop 101:
Can start your business with zero capital.
High profit margins.
Easy and hassle-free shipping and payment.
Over 1 Lakh different products to choose from to start your online business.
Can edit product details with time.
Easy Payment options.
After sales support and refund for a damaged product.

  1. Carwale
    Carwale Reselling App
    Carwale is among the top online reselling apps in India that deals in the buying and selling of new and used cars. You can use this app to connect with the nearest car dealers and search for the best offers. You can also sell your old car through Carwale and get the best deal and price for your car. Through this app, you can get connected with the genuine buyers and get a good deal for your vehicle.

Features of Carwale:
Get accurate and on-road price for your used car.
Can compare the vehicles on the basis of prices, features, specifications and colours.
More than 10,000 to help you make the right decision.
Over 5000+ reviews by the industry experts.
Refurbishing cars to increase their value.
Experience 360 degree of both interior and exterior of the car.

  1. Facebook Marketplace
    Facebook Marketplace
    Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in India where the users share photos, videos related to their life along with their friends and followers. However, Facebook is more than just sharing pictures and playing games. You can also use this app to buy and sell items within your local area and earn money by reselling through a social media platform. The best part about this app is that, you don’t have to pay any listing fee or commission for selling your product and can contact directly with the consumer.

Features of Facebook Marketplace:
Anyone with a Facebook account can sell or buy items without any hidden fees.
List and sell items to the users all over the country and the globe.
You can also connect with buyers or sellers directly through Facebook Messenger.

  1. Cashify
    Cashify Reselling App in India
    Cashify is an online reselling platform where you can deal in buying and selling of used electronic gadgets such as cell phones, computers, TVs, tablets, headphones, smart watches, smart speakers, game consoles, DSLR cameras, and more. You can sell your old smartphone or other electronic gadgets through Cashify and get the best price for it. It has AI-based calculator that calculates the best price for your gadget you mention its features and configurations. Cashify also refurbishes old smartphones and make them look like new ones by proper inspection and expert restoration.

Features of Cashify:
Get the best price for your used Mobile phone.
Can replace the product in 15 days.
190+ service centers all over India
Easy, instant, paper-less finance options like No Cost EMI
Six Months warranty on refurbished phones
Easy and doorstep service.
Get exciting offers every month.
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  1. Cartlay
    Cartlay Reselling Apps in India
    Cartlay is among the best and leading online reselling apps in India in 2024 where you get the best deals and price for your products. Cartlay claims to be the best platform for reselling Trending Fashions from brands, where you can sell by sharing links Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media. To earn money by reselling through Cartlay, you first have to install the app on your device and register yourself. After that, you have to browse on the app and look for the latest collections released on the app and share the link of the products with your friends and family through different social media platforms. If people order products from your given link you earn money by reselling in Cartlay.

Features of Cartlay:
Trending collections at wholesale prices.
Zero risk buying and selling – Guarantee for money
Timely payments.
Easy returns
24/7 helpline support
One single platform for all Wholesalers, Shop Owners, Resellers & their all Customers.

  1. Coutloot
    Coutloot Reselling App
    Coutloot is another online reselling app in India where you can deal in different categories such as fashion , electronics , home-decor and more. You can start your online business with Coutloot and start by reselling products. First, you have to list your product on the website and set its price and other details. After that, you can share the link of your product through different social media platforms. If someone shows interest in your product, they can directly chat with you through Coutloot and you both can negotiate the price accordingly. These simple steps can help you open your online store and earn money by reselling in Coutloot.

Features of Coutloot:
Get top quality products.
Discover, Chat, Bargain, and Shop
Earn extra income by working from home.
Start your online store in simple steps.
Timely payments and incentive bonus rewards.
Assured money protection

  1. Shopsy
    Shopsy Reselling App in India
    Shopsy is a zero-commision online reselling app that was introduced by Flipkart in 2021 as a a medium to allow people to start their online reselling business. It is a trusted and secure e-commerce platform that claims to offer over 15 crore products with reliable delivery, delivering to 14,300+ pin codes. The best part about this app is that you have to pay zero commission on verticals listed exclusively on Shopsy, which means that you can start your online business without much capital. Also, you don’t have to worry about shipping and delivery as Shopsy has a well-established logistics network.

Features of Shopsy:
Wide options from a variety of different categories.
Reliable delivery
Trusted suppliers.
Safe and secure payment options.
Transparent Returns/Refund Policies

  1. ResellMe
    ResellMe Reselling App in India
    ResellMe is regarded as the best online reselling platform for the people who want to start their online home business by reselling any products to their friends, family and known ones. In this app, you will get a wide variety of 150+ categories (including Fashion, Home Decor, Jewellery, Watches & Handbags, Gifts & Toys, Personal Care & Beauty Products, Footwear, and more)

to choose from and start your online enterprise while working from home. For that, you have to browse through the app and find the best product that you think will be best suited for the customers. After you identify the right product, you have to share its link with your friends, family and known ones through different social media platforms. If someone shows interest for your product, you have to collect payment from them and order the product from the app, and you can successfully start your online business.

Features of ResellMe:
Contact directly with the manufacturers with chat and call options.
Share product descriptions and prices by adding your margin.
Get factory prices from the manufacturers
Free Cash on Delivery (COD)
Free Shipping
100% money safety
Smooth checkout and transaction experience for your reselling needs
Extra discount on prepaid orders.
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  1. Zymi
    Zymi Reselling Apps in India
    Zymi is another online reselling app in India through which you can start your online business while working from home. The app claims to provide the best quality products for resale at lower prices. It provides options for a variety of different categories including Kurti, Lehanga, T-shirt, Shirt, Shoes ,Watch, Designer dress, makeup kits, Jewelry etc. You simply have to browse and find the best products to resell through Zymi, and share their link with your known ones through different social media platforms. If someone shows interest for your product, you have to order it for them by putting up your margin and start earning online. Apart from that, Zymi also provides you with different features such as Refer and earn, weekly bonus, Exciting offers, Free Shipping and more.

Features of Zymi:
Find quality products at lower prices.
Deal directly with the Manufacturers, Stocky And Wholesalers.
Free shipping all over India and internationally.
Timely payments
Earn Commission and profit margin on every order.
Weekly bonuses and extra rewards.

  1. Shopify
    Shopify Reselling Apps in India
    Shopify is an Ecommerce platform through which you can earn money by reselling in 2024. In Shopify, you can manage your online business simply through your phone and keep the track of your business growth. It is a secure and reliable platform where you don’t need any prior experience to start your online business.

Features of Shopify:
Keep real-time data for your business including live sales and traffic
Expand your business through different social media platforms such Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and more.
View and manage your customer segments
Add and edit customer details.
Change your online store’s appearance.

  1. Hi Boss
    Another online reselling app in India through which you can start your online in simple steps by using your smartphone. Hi Boss offers you with over 1 Million products from different categories, and you can sell the products at factory prices and high quality. You can start your online store through Hi Boss without any investment and enjoy multiple features such as free shipping & free COD to have the best reselling experience.

Features of Hi Boss:
Get rewards and bonuses for signing up for the first time
Cash on Delivery (COD)
Free shipping services.
More than 1000 products from different categories.
Easy to open online shop
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  1. Decluttr
    Decluttr Reselling Apps in India
    Decluttr is one of the top online reselling apps in 2024, which gives and smooth and seamless experience of reselling the products online. You simply have to upload the image of the product you want to sell and the people who are interested in buying the product can contact you directly. It has an easy and free shipping process and you can expect your payment within 24 hours.

Features of Decluttr:
Free insured shipping
Fast Next day payments.
Get instant valuation for your old tech.
Recycle all sorts of stuff
Recycle for cash

  1. Elanic
    Elanic Online Reselling App
    Elanic is an online platform for buying and selling of used clothes and comes in the list of online reselling apps in India in 2024. It is one of the fastest growing shoppers community with over 30 Lakh users. It is a perfect place for you to choose from new and pre used fashion products and also get the best price for your used or pre-owned clothes.

Features of Elanic:
Sell products without sharing your personal information.
Deliver the products from the doorstep through pickup service with ease.
Transfer the earnings directly into your bank account.
How to start a Reseller business?
Till now, we have discussed the 20 different applications and websites through which you can start an online reselling business in India in 2024. However, must be wondering how can you start your own reselling business and what are the factors that should be kept in mind while starting a business. It is not a one day process to establish a successful business enterprise and it takes a lot of time and effort to start a business and earn the trust of your customers.

Now, we will discuss the steps that one should follow to start a online reseller business to help you earn money through your smartphone and internet.

Research the Market:
The first and the most important step before starting an online enterprise is to analyze the market and have the information of the products or services that are in high demand among your target customers. You can check the popular e-commerce websites and find the top-rated products that you can sell as an online reseller. You should also read reviews of different products on online shopping websites and avoid choosing the products that have more negative reviews. After that you have to compare the prices differently and set the best price for your product accordingly.

Select a Fulfillment Model
After selecting the category and type of a product, you have to decide how you will fulfill the orders that you get for your product. There are mainly three ways through which online resellers operate their businesses: In-House Order Fulfillments – Dropshipping – Third-Party Logistics.

Dropshipping is the most common method of fulfilling orders in online reselling business, where you place an order on behalf of the customer and the product is delivered to their location. For this, you may look out for the the applications or websites that provide free shipping and dropping services to avoid extra charge and enjoy profit.

Register your Business
The most important step before starting a business legally and with all the necessary documents. You first have to get a license for your business and take care of the all the legal and financial matters. You also have to take the resale permit in each state where you will operate business. You also have to pay the associated fees and all the taxes related to your business.rummy apk

Start Selling
After making all the necessary formalities and selecting the perfect platform, you can start your reselling business by sharing the link of your product with your friends, family and other people through your social media. If people shows interest on your product, you have to order it for them and you can start earning money by online reselling of the products.

How to Make Money Via Reseller Apps?
To make money via Online Reseller Apps, you have to choose the right platform or application through which you can resell the products. After that, all you have to do is to share the link of the product in your network though different social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and more. If someone shows interest in the product you have shared the link of, you have to order on their behalf. Once the order is delivered, you will make profit and take your commission from the sale of the product.

How does the reselling app work?
In Reselling apps, you share the link of the product with your target customers. If they show interest in the product, you order it on their behalf and earn commission from the sale.

Which is the best reselling app in India?
Meesho, Glowroad, and Amazon Seller are some of the best online reselling apps in India.

What are the benefits of reseller apps?
You can earn profit and commission if someone orders the product from the link that your shared.

Is Meesho a reselling app?
Meesho is an online shopping platform where you can also earn money by reselling.

Is reselling illegal in India?
It is legal to resell the product as it was purchased legitimately. However, you should follow all the government guideline and rule to start reselling.

Is Amazon a reselling app?
Amazon is the number 1 online shopping app in India with over millions of products in different categories. Amazon also has its reselling app known as Amazon Seller through which you can start your online reselling business.

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